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Counterparts share b-sides from critically acclaimed album 'Nothing Left To Love'

Posted 06.22.20
Counterparts share b-sides from critically acclaimed album 'Nothing Left To Love'
Canadian metalcore giants Counterparts have shared Purer Form Of Pain, a special two-song release that features b-sides from their critically acclaimed 2019 release Nothing Left To Love. Check out the title track and the song “Strings Of Separation” HERE. Counterparts frontman Brendan Murphy had this to share about the release;

"One person's trash is another person's treasure... so here's 2 more b-sides I guess? We wrote these songs when we were in the process of recording Nothing Left To Love and for whatever reason, they just didn't fit the vibe of the album so we decided to cut 'em. Since you guys seemed pretty stoked on the Private Room EP we figured why not just throw these up? At the very least, it'll occupy like 5-10 minutes of your time... and who knows when the 5 of us will even be able to cross the border to be in the same room and record more music? You might love them, you might think they stink, either way it's all good by me. They're b-sides! Who gives a shit?”
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