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Heart Attack Kids announce new LP 'Bad Luck Like Gold' and premiere new video for first single 'Modern Decay' via PureGrainAudio

Posted 03.22.19
High voltage rock and roll duo Heart Attack Kids to release their electrifying sophomore LP Bad Luck Like Gold on April 19, 2019. Pre-order the album HERE. The ferocious first single “Modern Decay” featuring Liam Cormier (Cancer Bats) premieres now via PureGrainAudio HERE. The band has been continuously touring since 2015 with no signs of slowing down, announcing 13 shows across Ontario plus Montreal in support of the new album. Tour kicks off on April 5th and all dates are outlined below.

Founded in 2013 and based in London, ON, the band consists of Jared Ellul (vocals/guitar) and Nathan Stock (drums) who unleash a powerful, high energy sound that makes audiences believe there are five people playing. The explosive sonic concoction showcased on Bad Luck like Gold is potent and compelling, cut at Vespa Studios with Cancer Bats frontman Liam Cormier as producer. The 12 tracks hit with the energy of an atom bomb and the urgency of its impending detonation. The album builds atop the foundation of relentless garage punk riffs and crushing rhythms established on their debut LP, 2016’s No Future. Their experiences over the last few years heavily informed their lyrical content, with the album title being a not-so-subtle allusion to some of the tribulations of life as a touring band – specifically, a U.S. tour cut short due to a van with a bloodlust. “We’ve got a bad history of vehicles wanting to kill us,” Ellul says, only half joking. Heart Attack Kids has distilled their core sound, burning away any impurities to pack a notably heavier punch. “There really aren’t any frills here,” assures Ellul. “Just pure power is what we’re going for.”

Their combustible rock n’ roll turned the heads of notable industry influencers, leading to a slew of releases on various imprints and high-profile shows alongside acts Billy Talent, Rise Against, the Gaslight Anthem, and dozens more. “We’ve learned a ton just being out on the road and sharing all these unique experiences,” begins Ellul about how the whirlwind of the last few years has informed their latest release. “Everything’s still built on the same foundation, but I feel like this is further honed, with a higher voltage and bigger impact.” The duo’s chemistry is undeniable and carries as much clout from the stage as it does the stereo. “We take a lot of pride in our live performance,” Ellul states assuredly. Taking on tinges of their collective influences, from AC/DC to Dead Kennedys to Queens of the Stone Age, Heart Attack Kids love being on stage, going above and beyond to deliver an unforgettable live experience at every show, regardless of capacity. Catch them on tour; more information will be released as it becomes available.
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