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New Damage Records




Wilson is not an internet band - they’re five dudes in a van with beards and big dicks, working harder than your parents. But instead of giving their all as stockbrokers or auto-mechanics or assistant branch managers, their job is to destroy your party. Forget debates about the music industry, about download analytics, mp3 singles, and the “charts”. Screw genres. All that has nothing to do with music. But when that Wilson van cruises into your town that shit is REAL. Real MUSIC. Real LIFE. Real LOUD. Real SWEATY. And real fucking FUN.

Wilson is a band that has toured relentlessly since 2010, through big cities and little podunks. A band that records its albums the ol’ fashioned way: with instruments. And analog gear. Fifth and sixth and twentieth takes. A band that brings that last-Friday-night-on-Earth mentality equally to huge crowds and audiences of two solitary dudes. Like P. Diddy once said “Can’t stop. Won’t stop.” And they’ll never quit on you. And that’s real talk. That’s #FUCKERY. And that’s WILSON.



No shows announced at the moment