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Mobina Galore

Mobina Galore

Mobina Galore have always had a hunch that they don’t quite fit in, but if their new full length, Feeling Disconnected, is any indication, that might not be a bad thing. The duo made up of guitarist/vocalist Jenna Preistner, and drummer Marcia Hanson have weaponized that outsider attitude into a collection of explosive punk songs that demand attention on the band’s own terms.

The songs on Feeling Disconnected are informed by a sense of detachment, but Mobina Galore isn’t defeated by it, they're fueled by it. The band have often found themselves disconnected in a literal sense, whether kept apart from friends and family due to intense touring, or from the rest of the continent, living in their relatively remote hometown of Winnipeg, Canada. However, the pitfalls of physical isolation are only one part ofFeeling Disconnected’s inspiration.

Existing in a genre so often dominated by men has provided plenty of fuel for Mobina Galore’s fire. Since the band’s inception in 2010, they’ve faced everything from the obnoxious—comments like, “you’re actually really good” and condescending venue employees—to the much more insidious challenges of music industry glass ceilings. The ever-present hurtles of sexism in music circles have only motivated the band to play harder and continue to do what they do best; write great punk rock that speaks for itself. This approach has not gone unnoticed.

For an album rooted lyrically in anxiety and detachment, the sound of Feeling Disconnected is incredibly self-assured. Stripped down and raw, Mobina Galore only needs guitar and drums to make themselves heard loud and clear. With musical touchstones that fall somewhere between the grunge pioneers of the early ‘90s and the heyday of West Coast punk, Mobina Galore perfectly balance melody and aggression.

Mobina Galore have written an album about isolation but the release of Feeling Disconnected finds them poised to engage with more listeners than ever. Mobina Galore don’t need to belong, they’re too busy creating their own path, one where all outsiders are welcome.



Apr 20
Stafford, UK
Apr 21
Manchester, UK
Manchester Punk Fest
Apr 23
London, UK
The Dome
w/ Iron Chic
Apr 25
Bremen, DE
w/ Mood Change
Apr 26
Flensburg, DE
w/ Mood Change
Apr 27
Hamburg, DE
Goldener Salon
w/ Mood Change
Apr 28
Berlin, DE
w/ Mood Change, Spanish Love Songs
Apr 29
Braunschweig, DE
w/ Spanish Love Songs
Apr 30
Leipzig, DE
w/ Mood Change
May 03
Erfurt, DE
May 04
Landshut, DE
May 05
Zurich, Switzerland
Obenuse Fest
May 06
Munich, DE
Kafe Marat
May 07
Mainz, DE
May 08
Antwerp, BE
w/ Spanish Love Songs
May 09
Hannover, DE
w/ Mood Change
May 10
Munster, DE
w/ Mood Change
May 11
Cologne, DE
w/ Mood Change
May 12
Neunkirchen, DE
InCore Fest
May 13
Timmins, ON
The Working Class
May 18
Montreal, QC
Pouzza Fest
May 22
Ottawa, ON
Makerspace North
w/ Typesetter
May 23
Toronto, ON
Bovine Sex Club
w/ Typesetter
May 24
North Bay, ON
The Raven and Republic
w/ Typesetter
May 25
Rouyn-Noranda, QC
Bacaret de la Dernier Chance
w/ Typesetter
May 26
Kitchener, ON
w/ Typesetter
May 27
Detroit, MI
The Sanctuary
w/ Typesetter
May 28
Chicago, IL
w/ Typesetter
May 29
Milwaukee, MI
Cactus Club
w/ Typesetter
May 30
Minneapolis, MN
w/ Typresetter
May 31
Winnipeg, MB
The Good Will Social Club
w/ Typesetter
Jun 16
Calgary, AB
The Palace Theatre
w/ Propagandhi, La Armada
Jun 17
Edmonton, AB
The Starlite Room
w/ Propagandhi, La Armada