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Life in Vacuum

Life in Vacuum

Math rock. Noise rock. Post punk or post hardcore. You could use any combination of those terms and dozens more to describe Life in Vacuum, though more accurately, you could just say, “undiluted urgency in audio form.”
The Toronto-based trio delivers an explosive, high-energy brand of aggressive rock that laces merciless but musical melodies and passionate vocals with rhythms seemingly spit out by an angry calculator. The result is many things: compelling, hypnotic, menacing, but most of all, undeniably magnetic. Look no further than the band’s latest LP, All You Can Quit, for proof.
Brothers Ross and Sasha Chornyy never played music together in their native Ukraine, though that changed upon immigrating to Canada in 2004. The pair – Ross on drums and Sasha on guitar and vocals – formed a band that was admittedly far removed from Life in Vacuum’s perfectly calculated chaos; then, they were introduced to acts like At the Drive-In, The Mars Volta, and Refused, and everything changed.
All You Can Quit is the first offering to feature current bassist Geoff Albrecht, and the group’s chemistry is outright combustible. The album’s 11 tracks showcase the pinnacle of Life in Vacuum’s dynamic sound to date, shifting seamlessly from raw aggression to intricate and ethereal delicacy – always musical, always awesome.
Life in Vacuum have toured rigorously in their time together, bringing their high-energy, piss-and-vinegar performances everywhere possible – from raucous house shows in sweaty Toronto basements to tours throughout the U.S., Europe, and South America. They’ve shared stages with the likes of MeWithoutYou, PUP, and Metz and performed at high-profile events at SXSW, The Fest, NXNE, and Canadian Music Week.
The swarm of people that care is swelling by the day, and All You Can Quit is sure to push the band to an entirely new plateau. Describe Life in Vacuum however you like; just don’t ignore the impactful and unparalleled aural experience so uniquely their own.



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