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Hawk Eyes

Hawk Eyes

Hawk Eyes are from Leeds, Englandshire. The band consists of Paul Astick, Rob Stephens, Ryan Clark, and Steve Wilson, and has done so (in some form or another) since 2005.

One of those previous ‘forms’ was Chickenhawk, whose gruesomely complex Modern Bodies album of 2010, released on Brew Records; they cheerily brutalised a not-so-innocent generation of grumpy grunged-up kids as they toured the known universe with Alexisonfire, We Are The Ocean and The Computers.

The end of 2011 saw the renamed-and-reconstructed Hawk Eyes foursome setting out their stall for future ever-so-slightly-mellower chaos with a nomination for Best Hard Rock Act at the Artrocker Awards, touring fun with Turbowolf, The James Cleaver Quartet, and Ginger Wildheart, and the release of the five-track Mindhammers EP on Brew Records.

The Mindhammers template refined and rewired on the 2012 album IDEAS; the band’s debut full-length under their new name Hawk Eyes and their first release on UK indie label Fierce Panda. The album, sleek and modern and hardcore and suitably post-post-everything, is also cosmic and mischievous and never averse to (ab)using a classic riff here or there.



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