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Black Mastiff

Black Mastiff

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Black Mastiff embrace the thick groove and melodies of the blues with injection of 70;s metal. The trio consisting of Bobby Yiannakoulias, Alan Harding and Clay Shea, share the approach that fun and darkness can simultaneously coexist. They have been linked to many genres but take it all in stride like the smooth rhythms and soulful singing hidden beneath heavy walls of distortion. There is no race to the end of each song but rather a well executed journey between the beginning and the end. Black Mastiff made their debut in 2010 with the release of the untitled EP and followed with 2012's "Pyramids". 2014 brought further success with their self titled EP "Black Mastiff". 2015 was no different with them releasing "Music Machine" in October of that year.



No shows announced at the moment